France, Lyon

IPL International Summer School in Science and Engineering in Lyon

when 9 June 2016 - 13 July 2016
duration 5 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 1900

5-week programme offering 40 hours of French language instruction from beginners to advanced, scientific courses in the specialities of the IPL (Institut Polytechnique de Lyon) 4 engineering schools, industrial visits and cultural outings.
Scientific courses will be offered in the following topics :
CPE Lyon: Practical courses in chemical engineering and chemical analysis: experiments involving distillation, stirring, pressure drop, liquid-vapor equilibrium, precipitation, kinetics, analysis of water, spectroscopy.

ECAM-Lyon: Short conferences and original practical courses on the theme of Energy, Environment and Sustainability: solar cell, fuel cell and wind energy; electro-mechanical conversion; transportation and storage of energy; materials science (metals) and technological analysis of engine components. Case studies, labs and personal work on these themes.

ISARA-Lyon: Develop knowledge in agronomy, agro-ecology and French agriculture: cropping systems and breeding systems, sustainable management of agro-ecosystems, biodiversity management, food system analysis. Lectures, excursions, case studies and personal research on these themes.

ITECH Lyon: Discover an original and practical approach of Polymer and Material Sciences engineering: practicals on paint, adhesive and cosmetic formulation, textile dyeing and weaving process, leather and plastic.

Course leader

IPL (Institut Polytechnique de Lyon) in which you can find four Engineering schools : CPE Lyon :
Contact : Mrs Maria-Angelina BEAUCOURT; ECAM- Lyon Contact : Lisa VERGARA, ISARA-Lyon Contact: Sigolène VERNERET, ITECH Lyon Contact: Nathalie PINTON.

Target group

The course is open to undergraduate students in Science and Engineering who have completed their first or second year of study and who expect to major in one of the disciplines of our 4 schools

Course aim

Give students the chance to settle in the French academic environment and also to meet students from all over the world. The programme jointly organised by 4 engineering schools, offers scientific courses and French language classes. Our Summer School also aims at giving all participants the opportunity to discover different facets of life in France through organised excursions.

Credits info

ISARA-Lyon offers up to 9 ECTS

Fee info

EUR 1900: All classes + 5-week accommodation in a residence hall + all visits and social events.