France, Nantes

Cross Cultural Management: session 2

when 12 June 2017 - 16 June 2017
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 ECTS

To be successful in the current international context a competent professional needs to look beyond the basic skill set of analysing and communicating in situations according to their national background and education. Performance today means understanding how others perceive reality and work differently according to a variety of success measurements. As managers and team members, how much do we adjust to the other? What are the potential cultural “synergies” and “conflicts”? How can we become more aware of these cultural differences and perform to our full potential?

Course leader

Please contact Cécile STEYER, summer term manager for more details:

Target group

upper undergraduate students
Please note that the 2 modules in cross cultural management should be taken separately

Course aim

Understand and apply a working definition of culture
Apply dimensions of culture
Comprehend how a Nation creates belonging and leads to the paradox of Us vs Them
Study how Values are created from a specific context
What does team work mean today in an international environment?

Credits info

4 ECTS-2 US credits

Fee info

EUR 0: no tuition fees for exchange students from Audencia's partner institutions
EUR 500: 500 euros/module for free movers