United Kingdom, Durham

Energy Transitions in Contemporary and Emerging Societies

when 11 July 2016 - 22 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 ECTS
fee GBP 1400

This short course offers an in-depth overview of the interconnections between energy and society. By attending you will gain a unique interdisciplinary understanding of how energy is shaped by, and gives rise to, issues associated with development, politics, climate change and sustainability, technologies and lifestyles.

Researchers and faculty from Durham University will introduce you to the latest social science research from both the Global North (‘developed’ countries) and the Global South (‘developing’ countries) in relation to: home, mobility, governance and development.

As well as this, the school will help you to gain a critical social perspective on the interconnections between energy and society and how these relate to energy research and practice. Key theories, methodologies and understandings from geography, sociology and anthropology that will be introduced include:
•Everyday practices (uses, users and understandings of energy)
•Governance and politics (who, how and at what scale?)
•Behaviour change (who, how and at what scale?)
•Materiality/ ‘stuff’ of energy (e.g., energy and transport infrastructures/systems of provision)
•Development (where, who by and in what way?)
•Low and high carbon lifestyles and transitions

Course Format

Informed by the latest research and theory the module will retain the practical focus energy research and practice demands. Real life case studies and examples of high and low carbon energy transitions will provide a practical demonstration of the risks, challenges and opportunities in the real world. The module themes will be introduced and structured around lectures, world café formats, film screenings and walkshops.

Why Durham?

Durham is ideally located for the course, with its history of mining and current growing renewable and sustainable energy sector. Students will have the opportunity to visit a wind farm, hydro power plant and a smart grid laboratory.

Course leader

Dr Douglas Halliday

Target group

The course offers an excellent introduction to anyone interested in developing their understanding of the linkages and interconnections between energy and society. These include but are not limited to:
•Undergraduate/postgraduate students from disciplines including engineering, geography, sociology and anthropology
•Policy makers

Fee info

GBP 1400: Inclusive of tuition, accommodation, meals and visits.