Germany, Gelsenkirchen

Physical Methods in Molecular and Heterogeneous Catalysis

when 18 September 2016 - 25 September 2016
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 450

The synergy of electronic structure theory and spectroscopic methods is transforming modern chemistry, enabling cutting-edge research across all fields of molecular science. Our highly successful series of summer schools on Molecular Theory and Spectroscopy has specifically addressed the connection between spectroscopic techniques and quantum chemical methods for the study of molecular systems. This unified approach will be again central in the 2016 edition of our summer school. This year, however, we also expand the content of our program in an effort to bridge the historic divide between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.

In the 4th edition of our summer school, which is scheduled for September 18th to 25th 2016 at the Science Park (Wissenschaftspark) of Gelsenkirchen, Germany, experts from the molecular and the heterogeneous areas of catalysis research will teach on physical methods that are used for the study and characterization of both molecular and heterogeneous systems. By combining these historically distinct areas under a single program, we aim to help the students develop an appreciation of the common physical principles and to encourage a unified view of analytical methods in catalysis.

Target group

The school brings together an unusually broad coverage of topics and is addressed to graduate students, post-doctoral scientists and researchers who want to acquire a wider perspective and a deeper insight on physical principles and analytical methods that encompass both molecular and heterogeneous approaches to catalytic transformations.

Course aim

A special focal point of the school relates to theoretical methods and their use in the prediction of spectroscopic observables and in understanding the local electronic structure of chemical complexes and materials.

Fee info

EUR 450: he registration fee includes: participation to all lectures and practical sessions, and all meals. Expenses for accommodation are not included. Participants are required to book their own hotel rooms.


Unfortunately we cannot offer any scholarships