Smolensk, Russia

Smolensk and its Places for Memory in the Historical and Cultural Space of Russia

when 9 September 2019 - 23 September 2019
language Russian
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 750

The cource is multidisciplinary. It consists of three components. They are history, language and culturology. There are also classes in the Russian language. The program consists of academic classes (lectures and seminars) and interactive events, webinars and workshops, educational tours, film shows. Participants will visit museums, archives, libraries, theaters, architectural reserves, and educational institutions. This will allow the participants of Summer School to expand communicative and cultural competence and literally touch the cultural heritage of Smolensk.

Russian course will help participants to adapt to the new linguistic, communicative and discursive environment. We have developed educational programs for both beginners and for advanced study of the Russian language. Participants will become familiar with the various aspects of the Russian language (phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, syntax), especially functional styles (scientific, journalistic, conversational style). One of the main objectives of the Russian course is the presentation of effective learning strategies that will enable participants to independently continue the study of language after this Summer School.

Project work consists in research and development of the concept dedicated to a specific aspect of Russian cultural and historical heritage using available information resources. Performing this task is possible with a variety of perspectives. It will reveal the similarities and differences at the objectification of the basic concepts of the communication sphere. An important fact is that participants are free to decide how to develop academic problematics. Participants also choose their own theme for the presentation and methodology. The main sources of the “inspiration” concept are folklore, literature, art, cinema, etc.

The cultural program of Summer School is diverse and includes the following activities: visiting Cultural Сenters of the Smolensk region (the estates of prominent representatives of Russian culture, visit to the legendary fortress wall, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, etc. Working up of educational and cultural programs shall be based on the following important events in 2019: Theatre Year in Russia, Year of Scientific Researches in Russia and Germany, 215th Anniversary of M.I. Glinka`s Birthday, 85th Anniversary of Y. A. Gagarin`s Birthday.

Course leader

Head of the Department for International Relations
Chair of the German Language
Dr. Roman Beliutin

Target group

Summer School organized by Smolensk State University is directed to students, who study liberal arts, such as history, philology, sociology and political science and experts in the field of international relations, history and culture.

Course aim

The module is multidisciplinary. This School is focused on cross-cultural, linguistic integration through joint reflection and experience of the events of history, the imagery of national and regional culture, traditions.

Fee info

EUR 750: Entry fee includes transfer from airport, accommodation, meal, education services, handout, cultural program. Participants of Summer School assume transportation costs and insurance costs.


German students can apply for DAAD Go East scholarship. Information about DAAD Programm "Go East Summer School 2019" on official website