Bolgar, Russia


when 20 August 2018 - 2 September 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee USD 61

This programme aims to equip both students and younger archaeologists with an understanding of the multiple ways to research paleoanthropological data analysis. The programme includes lectures on crucial issues of palaeoanthropology. The workshop sessions will consistof the core informationof the programme aimed to develop practical skills through the analysis of cranial, dental and postcranial human remains.Participants alsodevelop skills of field fixation, restoration and conservation of palaeoanthropological materials. Final module diagnostics of paleopathology and physiological stress of physical anthropology.

Working languages: Russian and English. The programme is delivered in Russian with interpretation and translation to English provided by a certified interpreter.

Application via website

Course leader

Head of programme: Dr Denis Pezhemsky (Anuchin Research Institute and Museum of Anthropology, Moscow State University);

Target group

This programme is for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, regardless of nationality. Recent graduates up to the age of 35 are also welcome.

Credits info

2 EC
The duration of the course is 72 academic hours

Fee info

USD 61: Tution fee covers visa support and coffee breaks.