Paris, France

Paris, the Making of a Capital: 5000 Years of History

when 8 July 2019 - 13 July 2019
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 700

The Sorbonne Summer University offers 14 cycles - 12 in French and 2 in English - taught by academics from the Sorbonne University.

Participants of the Sorbonne Summer University are often eager to get to know the capital through a mixture of architecture and urban planning. This course proposes an overview of Paris through five major historical periods of its development:
From the origin of Parisii to the birth of the ancient city
Nathalie Ginoux, Art History and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
The medieval Paris
Rose-Marie Ferré, Art History and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
The Haussmannian Paris
Jean-Baptiste Minnaert, Art History and Archaelogy, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
Paris in the 20th century
Jean-Baptiste Minnaert, Art History and archaelogy, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université
Paris of today and tomorrow. From urban consumption areas to knowledge spaces.
Patrizia Ingalina, Geography, Faculty of Arts & Humanities Sorbonne Université

This course is more than a simple explanation of some remarkable monuments; it is about understanding the relationships between these monuments in order to create an urban fabric. You will then be able to understand how these buildings have evolved to their current appearance: Lutetia and the Parisii; the Latin Quarter and its structuring by the Romans; the construction of Notre Dame and the clearance of the forecourt; November 1539 edit, hygiene and sanitation of Paris; the creation of the great avenue, of the great perspectives, etc.

The history of the urban fabric and the breakthroughs made in different periods; the creation of perspectives and facades on the boulevards; the covered walkway; gardens and public places; mansions and workers' cities; stations and museums, the stomach of Paris (from The Halles to sewwers), motor traffics and human flows.

Pedagogically speaking, the general idea consist in proposing a mixture of lectures (2h in the morning) and visits (3h in the afternoon). It enables to understand the historical Paris through the lens of the contemporary one, ranging from ruins to current construction sites.

Course leader

Sandrine La Neelle

Target group

Students, tourists, or curious Parisians ! No knowledge of French required!

Course aim

Discover the ongoing debates in various scientific fields, while delving deep into the French civilization and being taught by professors from the renowned Sorbonne Université.

Credits info

A course certificate will be delivered.

Fee info

EUR 700: Courses, conferences and a visit of the Sorbonne are included in the price. Optional cultural activities are available and can be added to the course program.