Netherlands, Middelburg

Human Rights and Education

when 25 June 2018 - 29 June 2018
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 350

The United Nations has recognized the centrality of education for promoting understanding of and support for the core values and legal standards of human rights. How can we ensure that such learning processes happen for everyone? How can human rights education be carried out so that it is a meaningful experience that motivates learners to promote and protect the human rights of themselves and others? These are the questions addressed in this course on the international field of human rights education.

This course will introduce the international field of human rights education (HRE). Students will first learn about the history of the HRE movement, including its dramatic increase since the 1990s in the practices of civil society and the policies of inter-governmental agencies and some state bodies. Students will be exposed to the evolving theoretical base of HRE, with special attention to pedagogical practices (including critical and transformational pedagogy). Students will learn how HRE is carried out in schools, in professional trainings and in the informal education sector in different parts of the world, and think critically about how such programming can be related to a “strategy of change” for promoting and protecting human rights. The course will be highly interactive, with exercises and guest speakers from Amnesty International, the Anne Frank House and the Dutch National Institute for Human Right. Learners will develop one of the following: An Analytical Paper based on key themes of the course; an Analytical Case Study of an HRE Programme; or an HRE curriculum unit.

Course leader

Prof. B.M. Oomen

Target group

Bachelor and master students seeking to strengthen their knowledge of new insights into human rights. A background in human rights, or international law, is an advantage but not necessary.

Course aim

To provide insights in the way in which human rights acquire different meaning via education.

Fee info

EUR 350: Course + course materials
EUR 200: Housing

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