Netherlands, Utrecht

Visual Storytelling

when 20 August 2018 - 31 August 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 1100

The course offers an introduction to the field of artistic design of visual narratives: the many ways every picture tells a story. The way a story is received by audiences depends on the chosen medium, on the wording, the point of view, but also on sequences, editing techniques, sound and light, the social structure of the audience, etc. Differing from the world of hardcore TV-news journalism, storytelling in the world of Arts and Media is not only a way of spreading information, but also of attaching meaning to events and intervene in the discussion in society.

We are all aware of the power of visual storytelling, but do we really know it? And how do you design these effects? What are the techniques a storyteller can use? The course introduces you to the theory of narration and storytelling, starting with Aristotle, leading up to the the latest insights. We will look at the impact of e.g. virtual reality techniques and virtual interaction on the field of storytelling and on the audience. Besides that, we will practice the art of visual storytelling through different platforms: movie, photo, illustration, animation, VR, AR etc. We do so in an artistic way, researching through the process of making, reflection, discussion and iteration.

The program consists mainly of the three approaches listed below, but there will be plenty of opportunities to bring up your own issues, experiences and ideas. This is an arts academy! So we think out of the box and expect you to do so too!

1. Academic track: lectures and workshops on dedicated topics regarding storytelling and narrative design, mediatheory, perception and reception, interaction.

2. Practical training: Workshops on artistic techniques to make visuals, through illustration, movie or otherwise.
3. Artistic research: by making a visual (e.g. storyboard, installation) in a technique of your choice and going through the whole circular process of research by making - thinking - reflection - remaking - testing.

Course leader

Peter de Vries

Target group

Students in visual arts, journalism, communication, media design, interaction

Credits info

3 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 1100: Course + course materials
EUR 350: Housing

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