Croatia, Zagreb

International Finance

when 25 June 2018 - 13 July 2018
language Croatian
duration 3 weeks
credits 9 EC
fee EUR 1400

The course is consisted of three major parts: the role of multinational corporations on the international capital markets, the role of the foreign exchange markets and determination of the foreign exchange rates and methods of currency hedging.

The course will explain traditional and modern approaches to the currency determination: purchasing power parity, interest rate parity, monetary theory, portfolio balance theory,
Mundell-Fleming model and the recent market microstructure theory.
Students will familiarize with the causes and consequences of the recent financial crises.

The special emphasize is put on the currency risk hedging via options, futures, forwards and currency swaps. The aforementioned instruments will be illustrated on practical examples from financial markets.

Course leader

Dina Vasić is a lecturer at the Finance Department at Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

She graduated in Economics and Management in 2007 at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management where she also completed her MBA in 2011.

Target group

Students with interest in finance and financial markets.

Course aim

Students will acquire knowledge in the field of international finance. Moreover they shall learn to identify ethic problems, moral hazards and social responsibility in the international environment.
Additionally, they shall develop the ability of adjustment to the international business environment.

Credits info

9 EC
- 6 ECTS for International Finance
- 3 ECTS for Croatian Studies*

*for more information on courses please visit ZSEM's official web site.

Fee info

EUR 1400: Regular fee

One additional course from the course list can be taken but students need to be aware that the program will become very intense and time-consuming. In case they do decide to take additional course they can earn up to 15 ECTS credits. *

*for more information please visit ZSEM's official web site.
EUR 999: Early bird fee*

*for more information please visit ZSEM's official web site.