Denmark, Aarhus

Photography in a New Media Context

when 30 July 2012 - 17 August 2012
duration 3 weeks
credits 9.9 ECTS
fee EUR 1

In 2012, the practice of photography is arguably both accessible and democratic. The prevalence of digital cameras, GPS tracking devices, and camera phones inspires photographers to harness the power of the medium in this new context. This course invites students to conceive of their own photographic project related to their research interest. With each class meeting, students will engage in critiques of each others’ work and constructively converse about visual research. This course will introduce students to the work of researchers and artists who utilize varied methodologies in their photographic practice. Through a combination of creating a photographic project and analyzing a range of visual scholarship, students will receive a hands-on introduction to visual methodologies in practice. Course offered by Department of Aesthetics and Communication.

Course leader

Sarah Schorr, Aarhus University

Target group


Course aim

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Fee info

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