Spain, Barcelona

Design Thinking and Co - Creation - IED Barcelona

when 15 July 2020 - 31 July 2020
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 3100

Design problems are hard to solve because, basically, they are inherently complex and this complexity increases the difficulty in understanding them and finding reasonable ways to resolve them. The task of designing the outcome at the same time as the context is embedded in design problems. Furthermore, no problem ever exists in complete isolation—every problem interacts with other problems and is therefore part of a set of interrelated problems. Because of this interconnectedness of problems, the design problem-solving process has to be a multidisciplinary endeavor—functional disciplines working in close collaboration across functions, instead of looking in narrow silos like ergonomics, finance, human factors, product design, or marketing, to name a few.

Course leader

IED Barcelona

Target group

The fast-paced Summer course is designed for professionals and executives from all industries who wants to immerse in the practice of a design innovation process, solve complex problems in multidisciplinary teams and work closely with the people that they serve with design. Any professional working at or willing to work at the strategic level of corporations will find the design thinking principles and tools as core capabilities for their competitive advantage. To address international participants, the course is held in English.

Course aim

This course will present the basic concepts and methodologies of Design Thinking and Co-creation through developing a real industry project, including presentations, lectures, and workshops by lead professionals in the design thinking and co-creation practice.

Fee info

EUR 3100: Enrollment Fee: 600 €
Tuition Fee: 1200 €


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