Spain, Barcelona

Innovation and Future Thinking - IED Barcelona

when 13 July 2020 - 24 July 2020
language Spanish
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 1800

The Summer Course in Innovation and Future thinking —the Futures Lab—will help students improve their ability to detect signals of change, organize insights into understandable models, synthesize new ways of mapping possible futures, identify the potential barriers and opportunities these futures present, and design innovative products, services or ideas that satisfy emerging needs.

By learning the fundamentals of foresight and futures thinking, and how to tie these to innovation and creation, students will gain a toolset that doesn’t tell them what will happen in the future, but gives them the capability to identify and assess alternative futures presented by the world around them. Whether designing a new business, forward-looking fashion, an smartphone app or the next decade’s car, this course provides the tools for anticipation and action.

Course leader

IED Barcelona

Target group

Professional Level

Course aim

The objective of the Futures Lab is to provide students and professionals from varied backgrounds a strong baseline understanding of foresight and how it ties to strategy, innovation, and creation. This is done not only by teaching essential data collection and modelling, but narrative development, strategic framing, prototyping and communication.

Fee info

EUR 1800: Enrollment Fee: 600 €
Tuition Fee: 1200€


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