Norway, Oslo

Political Leadership and Democratic Change

when 23 July 2012 - 27 July 2012
duration 1 week
credits 9.9 EC
fee NOK 3200

This course focuses on the political nature, mechanics, and concrete outcomes of leadership in pluralist political systems with a particular emphasis on modern and contemporary European politics. Borrowing from political science, sociology, cultural anthropology, and international relation studies, the course seeks to familiarize students with the significance of leadership (i.e., agency) in complex political and institutional environments (i.e., structure), and in various cultural settings; the logics of leadership choices in crisis and non-crisis settings, as well as the interdependencies among several leadership choices; and the (whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’) outcomes political leadership may have for the democracies we live in today. The course is both theoretical and empirical in scope. It is divided into five sections, each of them consisting of two lectures. The first section is about the main dimensions of scholarship on political leadership, and also sets the boundary between democratic and non-democratic leaderships. The next three sections are about the most important of political leadership’s manifestations as they examine leaders as decision-takers in diverse situations; symbol makers; saviors; and visionaries. The fifth, and last, section begins with the debate about the ‘presidentialization of politics’ and concludes with the even hotter debate about the state of leadership in Europe, and the world. What does all this mean for contemporary liberal democracy?Besides the necessary theoretical and comparative empirical analysis required by such a course, the lectures will be supported by concrete historical cases of leadership action taken from several country and time contexts.

Course leader

Professor Dr. Takis S. Pappas

Target group

PhD students, postgraduate students

Course aim

To provide PhD research training at the highest level.

Fee info

NOK 3200: The tuition fee covers parts of the required reading material, lunch every course day, as well some social arrangements.