Moscow, Russia

International Russian Language Summer Courses

when 2 July 2018 - 27 July 2018
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee RUB 32767

In 2018, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute offers the following programs of International Russian Language Summer courses:
Program 1. Start Speaking Russian (for novice learners).
You will be able to learn Russian alphabet, learn to read and write in Russian, study and understand phonetic system of Russian language. At the end of the program, you will be able to read and understand simple texts, to tell about yourself, your family, your city.

Program 2. Continue Learning Russian (for those at level A1 aiming further).
If you choose this program, you will be able to greatly improve knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture. The program content includes the study of topics such as "Foreign language in my life", "Free time", "Russian holidays" and many others.

Program 3. Speak Russian Correctly (remedial course in grammar and vocabulary, level A2).
You will continue to learn basic grammar topics such as the use of verbal aspects, verbs of motion, etc. You will learn a significant amount of new vocabulary, which will expand the boundaries of communicative spheres of communication in Russian.

Program 4. Improve Your Russian (level B1).
Program 5. Speak Russian Fluently (intensive speaking practice at levels B2 and C1).
Program 6. Business Russian (level B1 and higher). Prepare for a certification exam in business communication in Russian language.

Program 7. Prepare for TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language).
Prepare for a certification exam in everyday communication in Russian language (level A1 and higher).

Program 8. Russian Language for Cultural Studies (level B1 and higher). A course for students of cultural studies, as well as for anyone interested in world culture, literature, art and architecture.
Program 9. Russian Language for Diplomats and Students of Political Science and Sociology (level B2 and higher). A course for diplomats and students of political science and international relations, as well as for anyone interested in modern world politics, geopolitics, business etiquette, negotiations’ and cross-cultural communication rules.
Program 10. Russian Language for Journalists and Students of Mass Media (level B1 and higher). A course for journalists and students of mass media, as well as for anyone interested in journalism, publishing, PR, advertising and media management.
Program 11. Russian Language in International Tourism (level B1 and higher). A course for students of hotel and tourism business and for employers in hotel and tourism industries.
Program 12. Russian Language for Medical Students (level B1 and higher).
Program 13. Russian Language for Bilinguals.A course for all ages focused on improving speaking and writing skills in Russian.
Program 14. Russian Language for Engineering and Technical Students and Specialists (level B1 and higher).
Program 15. NEW!Russian Language for students of Oil and Gas Faculty (level A2 and higher). A course for developing the skills of practical knowledge of Russian in everyday and professional spheres of communication, acquaintance with terminological and special vocabulary of the oil and gas industry.
Program 16. NEW! Russian Language for Guides (level B1 and higher). A course for students of culture and international communication studies, who intends to work with Russian-speaking tourists.
Program 17. Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (course for teachers).

Fee info

RUB 32767: Fee includes tuition (24 academic hours per week). Accommodation is not included (1 night in dorm costs up to 356 rubles).