Beirut, Italy

Applied Panel Data Analysis Using Stata

when 15 October 2018 - 18 October 2018
language English
duration 1 week

Panel data analysis contains information on many cross-sectional units, which are observed at regular intervals across time. Panel data, by its very nature, can be highly informative regarding dynamic effects across different units and thus they are increasingly used in econometrics, financial analysis, medicine and the social sciences. This introductory course offers participants the opportunity to acquire the necessary theoretical background and the applied skills to enable them to: i) independently employ micro panel data techniques to their own research topics, and ii) to understand and evaluate micro panel data analyses published in the academic literature. The course focuses on the techniques adopted for the analysis of stationary panel data sets, including fixed and random effects models; hypothesis testing; the violations of the basic assumptions of regression analysis; unbalanced panels; instrumental variable estimation techniques and non-linear panel data models. Special attention will also be given to the interpretation and presentation of results. At the end of the course, it is expected that participants are able to implement independently the methodologies and techniques acquired during the three day workshop.
The workshop opens with an optional introductory one day course (Module A) to the statistical package Stata, during which participants will be provided with an overview of the necessary Stata commands and tools to enable them to: a) carry out data analysis, data management, importing and export of different data formats and the creation of graphs in Stata; and b) actively participate in the applied empirical Lab sessions during the course of the Panel Data workshop.

Target group

The Panel data workshop is of particular interest to Master and Ph.D. Students, researchers in public and private research centres and professionals working in the following fields: Agricultural Economics, Economics, Finance, Management, Public Health, Political Sciences and the Social Sciences seeking to acquire the “introductory” applied and theoretical toolset to enable them to undertake independent empirical research using panel data.

Course aim

In common with TStat’s training philosophy, each individual session is composed of both a theoretical component (in which the techniques and underlying principles behind them are explained), and an applied (hands-on) segment, during which participants have the opportunity to implement the techniques using real data under the watchful eye of the course tutor. Throughout the workshop, theoretical sessions are reinforced by case study examples, in which the course tutor discusses and highlights potential pitfalls and the advantages of individual techniques.

Fee info

EUR 0: MODULE A - Introduction to Stata (1 day)
Students*: € 150.00
Academic: € 350.00
Non-Profit/Public Research Centres: € 425.00
Commercial: € 525.00

MODULE B - Panel Data Analysis (3 days)
Students*: € 735.00
Academic: € 1225.00
Non-Profit/Public Research Centres: € 1513.00
Commercial: € 1800.00
EUR 0: MODULES A + B (4 days)
Students*: € 835.00
Academic: € 1525.00
Non-Profit/Public Research Centres: € 1888.00
Commercial: € 2275.00