Netherlands, Nijmegen

Discover the Netherlands: Field trips to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen

when 5 August 2019 - 9 August 2019
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 450

Do you want to get to know what Dutch culture entails? Then this is the right course for you! In these five days, you will get to know the Netherlands well. Not only will we tell you all about Dutch traditions, holidays, food, and history in a cultural workshop, you can also experience it yourself!

During this week, you will discover it all. Join us on a professional city tour in Nijmegen, where you will discover the oldest city of the Netherlands, learn about its rich history, the impact of WWII and visit the most beautiful spots in our city. After this, you will explore Nijmegen more by a city rally. In a competition you will find some specific spots and complete some typical Dutch tasks. We will also visit a windmill, a real Dutch heritage!

Next to exploring the city, you will encounter our culture by tasting the Dutch cuisine, learning about our language in a workshop and playing traditional Dutch games. You can get a real Dutch experience by going to the riverside of Nijmegen and celebrate Sinterklaas, a famous Dutch tradition. Moreover, you will also learn how to ride a bike in the Netherlands and after this we will have a nice biking tour in the charming area.

Furthermore, we will go to Amsterdam and Utrecht, two of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, where you will see all the highlights and go through the famous channels. We will climb the highest church tower of the Netherlands in Utrecht. You will learn and see everything about the history and architecture of both cities. You will learn about the impact of World War II on the Netherlands and the effect on the Jewish population by visiting the famous Anne Frank museum.

Of course, the social program of this course will be a lot of fun as well, and you’ll get to know each other very quickly. We will make sure there is enough time for getting to know the Dutch pubs and trying our best Dutch drinks. After these five days, you will understand what it means to be a true Dutchie!

Course leader

Alex Jacobi
Secretary & Vice President AEGEE-Nijmegen

Target group

First year bachelor, advanced bachelor and master. Students who want to experience the Dutch culture by trying, tasting and perceiving all aspects of it themselves. You want to learn more about Dutch history and to visit several nice cities. Next to that, you are interested in the Dutch language and cuisine.

Course aim

After this course you are able to:
1. Speak some basic sentences in Dutch
2. Find your way in Nijmegen, Utrecht and Amsterdam, and tell people what the most beautiful places are.
3. Learn and explain about the Dutch culture: the Dutch history (especially the impact of WWII on the Netherlands), the Dutch cuisine and Dutch traditions.
4. Ride a bike, and tell people about the Dutch countryside out of your own cycling experience.

Fee info

EUR 450: Normal fee


€ 405 early bird discount – deadline 1 March 2019 (10%)
€ 383 partner + RU discount (15%)
€ 338 early bird + partner + RU discount (25%)

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