Netherlands, Nijmegen

How to Become an Excellent Lecturer

when 5 August 2019 - 9 August 2019
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 500

Learn about learning and teaching in higher education and master teaching techniques by practicing them with your fellow participants. By adopting the perspective of both the student and the lecturer, you will gain new insights and skills to incorporate in your teaching practice back home.

The course “How to Become an Excellent Lecturer” covers a range of topics in higher education as they occur at a university in the Netherlands. The course will be held in an interactive learning and teaching environment, allowing you to learn through engaging tasks with fellow participants who have different backgrounds and levels of experience in teaching. The uniqueness of this course is that you will adopt two perspectives: that of the student participating in this course and that of the lecturer exchanging experiences and ideas.

During the short lectures and extensive interactive meetings of this course, you will be involved in activities which are related to the 'constructive alignment' approach. In line with this approach, you will create (personal) learning outcomes for the course which will also guide you through your future development as a lecturer. During the course, you will experience and explore student-centred teaching methods, which could improve both your performance as a lecturer and the performance of your students.

Each day of this course will focus on one specific topic, the topics being views on higher education, small-group teaching, lecturing, individual supervision and reflection on your own learning and teaching. In every meeting you will practice with designing effective and meaningful activities for your students and with didactic techniques to improve your performance as a lecturer. Providing mutual feedback is a significant element of this course. You will exchange feedback with your fellow participants for two purposes: improving your skills in providing written and oral feedback and using the feedback to improve yourself and helping your fellow participants to develop themselves as well. Learning and teaching with ICT is another important part of the course. You will experience different ways ICT can be used and find out about current trends in ICT in Education.

Please keep in mind that this course is addressed to PhD and Post-doc students with at least basic experience in education. Despite the fact that the course is focused on the beginner level, well-experienced applicants are also welcome to apply for this course. Since many course activities require discussion, you need to be able to express yourself well in English, specifically on the topic of education.

Course leader

Marleen Hofman
Educational Advisor
Department of Educational Support

Target group

PhD, post-doc and professional. The course is addressed to beginning lecturers who teach in higher education, more specifically experienced PhD-students and Post-docs with educational tasks. Experience in university teaching is required. More experienced lecturers are also welcome to apply, but please note that the course is primarily designed for more novice lecturers.

Course aim

This Summer School course intends to help you develop skills and attitudes that will enable your students to learn more effectively:
1.You create assessable and for students 'embraceable' learning outcomes for your course that will guide you when developing educational materials, teaching activities and assessments.
2.You design learning activities, based on your personal view on learning and teaching, that will help your students to achieve the intended learning outcomes of your course.
3.You facilitate yourself and your students to ask, give, receive and use constructive and motivating feedback on products and behaviour, both orally and in written form.
4.You adapt your teaching style to the type of learning activity and the needs of your students.
5.You deliberately use activating strategies in your teaching.
6.You are familiar with present-day educational technology tools so that you can decide whether and how you would implement these in your courses.
7.You direct your own professional development by exploring your vision on higher education.
8.You articulate and monitor assessable personal learning outcomes for your professional development.

Fee info

EUR 500: Normal fee


€ 450 early bird discount – deadline 1 March 2019 (10%)
€ 425 partner + RU discount (15%)
€ 375 early bird + partner + RU discount (25%)

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