Netherlands, Nijmegen

Lecturing in the International Classroom

when 12 August 2019 - 16 August 2019
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 775

Do you find it difficult to teach to an international student audience? Are you able to you to get your message across? Can you facilitate and manage student discussions?

Lecturing in the International Classroom is a crash course aimed at improving the language and communication skills you need in order to be an effective teacher in English. This means that you not only have to be fluent, capable of using the appropriate academic style and aware of your audience’s own linguistic skills, but also able to engage with your audience and create a comfortable and productive learning environment.

Start the new academic year with an in-depth look at everything it takes to give great lectures, engage with your audience and work with an international classroom. This 5-day intensive course covers all aspects of teaching in English, from fluency and language to developing an appreciation of the varied requirements of international students. Over the five days you will be guided through various aspects effective lectures; from establishing a safe learning environment for second language learners, developing materials and activities in English which are effective and accessible, and finally how to generate and manage those vital student discussions that cement their learning. Through a combination of practical in-class activities and intensive self-study, you will be supported to develop and perfect your ideas.
By the end of course, you will have the tools and inspiration to revamp, reuse and reorder your material to deliver great, impactful lectures and develop meaningful engagement with your students.

Day 1: Getting started
•What is your lecturing style?
•How to set the stage for a great lecture: effective teaching in a foreign language.
•Lecturing language: using appropriate (academic) vocabulary.
•Create your own lecturing language phrase bank.
•Mini lectures and feedback

Day 2: Hard-core grammar and pronunciation
•Dealing with the most frequent grammar errors.
•Pronunciation and use of voice: intonation, rhythm, pacing, intelligibility, sounding pleasant, and avoiding the irritation factor.

Day 3: Answering questions and dealing with visuals
•Question time
•Referring to visuals in English: labelling, highlighting, describing trends and using images.
•Mini lectures and feedback

Day 4: Caring about the listener and adapting the message
•Intercultural communication.
•Diplomacy in the classroom.
•Caring about the listener and promoting understanding. How do you check whether students understand you?
•Course and classroom organization: how to start, guide, encourage and lead discussions in-class, taking cross-cultural differences in interactions into account
•Create safety, understanding and direction in the international classroom.
•Getting the message across.

Day 5: Private tutorial session with the trainer

Self- study assignments
In addition to these sessions, you are required to complete self- study assignments via BrightSpace. These assignments will consist of language exercises, analysis of lectures and talks, presentations and discussions, the design of visual aids and handouts, and the preparation of a mini-lecture (10 minutes). This will take around 3 hours between each session, depending on the individual learning needs of the participant.

Course leader

Lorraine Faulds, MA
Language and Communication Coach at Radboud in’to Languages
Radboud University

Target group

PhD, post-doc and professional. The course is designed for lecturers at university level who use English as a medium of instruction who find it difficult to establish a safe learning environment for second language learners, who find it difficult to develop materials and activities in English which are effective and accessible, and who find it difficult to generate and manage those vital student discussions that cement their learning.

Course aim

After this course you are able to:
1. Feel more comfortable when lecturing in English
2. Provide a safe and productive learning environment
3. Be familiar with the academic vocabulary
4. Better able to deal with your international student audience by being more aware of the intercultural aspects

Fee info

EUR 775: Normal fee


€ 698 early bird discount – deadline 1 March 2019 (10%)
€ 659 partner discount for PhD students(15%)
€ 581 early bird + partner discount (25%)
€ 388 Radboud discount for PhD students (50%)

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