Denmark, Odense

Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Health Tech Innovator

when 5 August 2019 - 16 August 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC

With an increasing part of the population having the age of 65 and above in a major part of the world and reduced budgets for the health care sector improved solutions are needed. We believe that the optimal solutions are developed in cooperation between health and engineering professionals.

In this course you will cooperate with students from health and engineering educations on a project defined by you via the real life challenges in the health care system we provide at the beginning of the course. Projects could be to devise a method for continuous measuring of oxygen level in children during their birth (too low oxygen level will induce brain damage) or to develop a device that supports data collection from heart failure patients etc.
To support your project work we will offer lectures in a number of fields:
• Introduction to product development and approval in the health care sector
• Introduction to cooperation across disciplines
• The entrepreneurial process and skills needed to drive the product development process
• Business development skills needed to analyse the commercial feasibility of your new product

As you will work with people from different countries and disciplines the course is also an opportunity to expand your professional network.

You may continue working with health technology development and business development in the HTI extra curricular program, offered every spring (

HTI Summer School is taught by SDU staff and external experts. The course is managed by:
Dorthe Boe Danbjørg, Associate professor at the Department of Clinical Research at The Faculty of Health Science and a senior researcher at Centre for Innovative Medical technology. Dorthe is Head of Studies at the Master of Science in Nursing and is teaching in the field of user driven innovation.

Palle Hermansen, Associate professor at Health and Welfare Technology department at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute. Palle is teaching in the field of software and hardware in embedded systems for the health/welfare domain.

Søren Jensen, Associate professor at Department of Technology and Innovation. Søren is teaching entrepreneurship, product and business development at Faculty of Engineering.

Additionally, the course will draw on experts from the local and international health tech sector.

Via lectures the course will introduce you to relevant theories within product development, user driven innovation, entrepreneurship and business development for the health tech sector. In small interdisciplinary groups you will apply the taught theories in a development project. You will work on the project during the entire course. At the end of the course you will show your results to a panel of experts, who will give you feedback on your project.

Target group

As this summer course revolves around interdiciplinary cooperation and entrepreneurship it welcomes any university student from Health and Engineering sciences.

To participate you must have started your last year on bachelor studies or beginning of your master studies, have an interest in product development and the health care sector. Moreover you should have – or be willing to develop – an entrepreneurial mindset and be interested in learning about business development in the health tech sector.

Course aim

-The healthcare ecosystem and innovation process
-User-driven innovation and other types of innovation processes; products, services and systems, in relation to health and healthcare
-IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) system and purpose in healthcare innovation
-CE marking (health, safety and environmental standards) for product sold within the European Economic Area
-Designing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities
-Innovation management of multidisciplinary collaboration

-To identify relevant problems in the healthcare system, generate ideas and develop a research design for an innovation process for developing potential solutions
-To generate ideas (solutions to a specific problem) and create different prototypes for health and healthcare innovation using SDU maker labs
-Use technology roadmapping as a platform for developing visual communication for the team’s innovation strategy
-Evaluate and critically reflect on processes and models used for prototyping healthtech innovation
-Evaluate and understand the innovation and entrepreneurial process in relation to healthcare and health technology
-Define own educational skills and competences that are be valuable in a health innovation process
-Perform a short presentation of a healthcare innovation (pitch)

Fee info

EUR 0: Exchange students from a partner university pay no tuition. Guest students pay tuition fees.

NON-EU student: 8635 DKK per course (1160 Euro)

EU Students: 4250 DKK per course (570 Euro)

Exchange students from partner university: No tuition