Greece, Chania

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Video Games

when 14 July 2019 - 21 July 2019
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2.5 EC
fee USD 1500

In this seminar we will look at the way video games impact cognitive function. This will include examining two thematically related, but functionally distinct literatures – one focused on examining the impact of commercially available entertainment video games (i.e., games designed with no particular cognitive impact in mind, but which, in some cases do massively alter cognitive abilities) and the other focused on the impact of games specifically designed to enhance cognitive function (i.e., games that are sometimes given the moniker of “brain training games” although we will see in this seminar why that label is problematic). We will discuss underlying theories, methodological approaches, empirical findings, and meta-analytic summaries of these literatures. Further, like all fields that assess the impact of ever-changing cultural phenomena, we will discuss the fact that research methods must constantly adapt to keep pace with the current state of affairs. This is particularly true in this domain, where, for instance, changes in the types of commercial games that exist, and in the history and patterns of game playing in the population of game players, increasingly necessitate new approaches to assessing the impact of games on cognition.

Course leader


Target group

Students in psychology, media studies, film, advertising, and video-gamers.

Fee info

USD 1500: Includes room and board as well as excursions


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