Nottingham, United Kingdom

Advanced Techniques for Pharmaceutical Chemistry

when 19 July 2021 - 30 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee GBP 1100

Would you like hands-on experience, carrying out preparative and analytical techniques at the cutting edge of modern chemistry?
Chemistry is at the heart of science and having a flair for it makes you part of a select group of individuals much needed by industry. From materials to medicines, nanotechnology to alternative energy, it underpins the technology that we take for granted and offers diverse career opportunities, for example in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, forensic and biotechnology industries. Studying Chemistry also prepares you for further research, for a career in teaching, or even in non-scientific employment areas such as in sales and marketing, and patent law.

The course will cover:

Organic chemistry techniques: the Diels-Alder reaction of hexadien-1-ol with maleic anhydride and structural determination of the product by FTIR, 1H-NMR and 2D-NMR.
Inorganic synthesis techniques: preparation and structural characterization of complexes using a medically and catalytically relevant metal.
Physical chemistry: determination of critical micelle concentration (CMC) by conductance measurements
Analytical chemistry techniques: Identification and quantification of components in Sudafed by LC-UV and LC-MS and GC-MS identification of illicit drugs.

Target group

This course is ideal for students who have completed one year of a chemistry-related undergraduate degree.

Course aim

On this course you will cover all major sub-disciplines of chemistry, from organic chemistry to the analysis of drug samples. You will learn through laboratory-based classes followed by guided data analysis and interpretation to extend your knowledge and skills base.

Credits info

5 EC
10 UK Credits / 5 ECTS

Fee info

GBP 1100: A 10% early-bird tuition fee discount is available for students who apply and pay by 31st March 2021. Apply for two courses (4 weeks) and receive a 20% tuition fee discount off your second course!
GBP 370: On-campus accommodation for two-weeks in a single room with ensuite facilities and shared kitchen and living space. For off-campus accommodation (10 minute walk) the price is £290 for two-weeks - as above rooms are single, ensuite with shared kitchen and living spaces. Both have 24 hour security.