Spain, Milano

Fashion Marketing - IED Barcelona

when 6 July 2020 - 24 July 2020
language Spanish
duration 3 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 3100

In the last years, fashion industry has been immersed in a deep and fast transformation process of its productive and organisational structure, provoking relevant changes in the industrial model that has been characterising developed economies during the last 25 years. At the moment, there is clear intensification process of the worldwide competence, which has constrained the sector (both huge companies and entrepreneurs) to make its functions much more professional to respond to the new competitive environment.

The traditional scheme of textile and clothing companies was standing on a mighty industrial foundation and a distribution system in which multi-brand independent stores would predominate. New business chains benefit from a better understanding of markets and the capability to adapt their products to the market’s demand, pursuing the commercial margins of industrial activities while optimizing their business efficiency.

All those who work in a fashion marketing and communication department need to be capable of responding to relevant subjects such as defining new business models, consolidating the “brand” value or looking for new consumption trends in order to be able to face them fastly. All things considered, their work is to define the global strategy so other professionals (designers, advertisers, product managers, interior designers, window dressers, …) develop their work jointly, directing their efforts to a common challenge with clear and agreed goals.

Fashion is the field that invests the most in marketing, up to 18%. Investments in brand image are becoming more and more essential for this area, given that to conjure up the brand values in a context where “there is all sorts” means to stand out. That is why fashion companies are the ones investing huge amounts in communication campaigns.

Course leader

IED Barcelona

Target group

This course is conceived for graduates in fashion design and marketing interested in enhancing their knowledge to go into the sector of professional industry. Salespersons and sales managers who want to acquire a technical knowledge of the field of fashion so they stand out among other professionals. Creatives for several areas (graphic, interior and product design) looking for a broadening in their proposals for clients and interested in applying brand image, fashion production and trends. Creatives and advertising planners on a quest for innovative proposals for their clients in the field of fashion, within brand image and its different applications (events, packaging, labels), as a distinguishing element.

Course aim


- Enhance business creativity.
- Provide the student with the necessary skills to face real situations in the field of fashion with a coherence and professionalism.
- Consider the requirements to develop an integral fashion marketing and communication plan: from production to commercialization, analysing commercial and/or sales opportunities (direct sales or by means of showrooms, distribution networks, etc.), passing through assessment for every phase of strategic management: anything related to brand identity and image, international expansion, collaborator research, communication, among many others.

Fee info

EUR 3100: Enrollment Fee: € 1.000,00
Fee: € 2.100,00


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