Curational Practice

when 4 June 2019 - 3 September 2019
language English
duration 13 weeks
credits 20 EC
fee EUR 4500

The Summer School in Curatorial Practice will take place during the 58th International Art Biennale Venice. With an interdisciplinary approach, the course provides practical training and experience within museums and exhibition settings. Its international faculty includes curators and museum professionals, artists and critics. The course is designed to increase students understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure. English-taught lectures cover both theoretical and practical topics that go from the history of contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making, to Exhibition Management. The students will participate in weekly activities, such as artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops. The program culminates with the set up of the exhibition.

1. History of Curatorial Practices
2. Exhibition Design
3. Aesthetics and Cultural Theory
4. Contemporary Art History
5. Cultural Events Management and Organization
6. Curating Exhibitions
7. Fine Arts Management.
8. Fundraising and Marketing / Workshop
9. Communication Strategies and Artistic Events Promotion / Workshop
10. Workshop on Critical Writing
11. Artist Studio Visits and Visits of the 58th International Art Biennale

Course leader

Teachers who have participated in previous courses:
Matt Williams (ICA - London); Marina Dacci (Maramotti Max Mara Foundation); Louise Mckinney (a-i-r - London); Aaron Cesar (Delfina Foundatioon); Alexia Boro (Peggy Guggenheim, Venice); Julianne Lorz (Ha

Target group

e would like to remind you that our program is designed for people with a study background in any of the following areas of contemporary art: curatorial studies, theory and philosophy of art, art history, art management and art production, visual arts, fine arts, arts and new media, architecture, interior architecture, photography, interior decoration, installation, design, theater, scenic design and music, as well as university graduates in the cultural studies field and literary studies. The program is also suitable for candidates who have acquired certain curatorial skills through practical experience.

Course aim

Specific development of the professional figure of the cu- rator, whose importance in the artistic-cultural field andits exhibition system is of growingimportance.
• Development of contemporary art professionals who pos- sess a specific training in the field of curatorial staging and organization of exhibitions as well as of international artistic and cultural events.
• The history of exhibitions and the analyses of key exhibitions: Alexander Dorner, Harald Szeemann, Hans Ulrich Obrist.
• Introduction to the activity related to the communication of an exhibition event, including the development of a press release and its accompanying social media strategy.
• Interdisciplinary aspect: the course allows for the inte- raction with various professionals who are operational in the art world and relevant to the realization of an event: artists, curators, collectors, museum directors, galleries
• Creation of an international network of contacts with insti- tutions, galleries and museums with the objective of deve- loping an international career for both curators and artists who work locally.In order to develop a high-quality curatorial program, the course brings a solid training in the field of visual arts pro- duction together with the experience and professionalism of figures of national and international relevance.
The program culminates with the set-up of the exhibition. Upon completion of the course, students will apply their ac- quired knowledge into a practical curatorial project (concep- tion, management, and promotion) hosted by either the gallery space of the A plus A or presented at another exhibition space in the city.
Responsibility, professionalism, research and innovation in the cultural field represent the guiding values to operate in the contemporary arena.

Fee info

EUR 4500: The fee
EUR 0: Initial registration fee of 1500,00€ (paid upon acceptance).
• The deadline to pay the remaining amount (3000€) in full payments is: June 10th,
• Accommodation and living expenses are not provided by our school. But we give you a
support in finding apartments and rooms in Venice.
• Visa or other travel documents necessary for Italy should be worked out in time by the
student. The school is providing invitation letters which are helpful to get the visa.


The school gives a support in the research of possible sholarships.