Austria, Salzburg

Hunting & Collecting

when 22 July 2019 - 3 August 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks

The course will be centred on an artistic research by the participants that can take shape in a broad variety of media, such as photography, sound, installation, writing, painting and sculpture.

In past years, Sammy Baloji has repeatedly interrogated museum collections for their slumbering histories. By examining the objects in their materiality and their trajectories, seemingly well-known artifacts unfold complex life stories, leading to sometimes vast entanglements, connecting the local and the global, art and economy, historical violence and the claim for justice. What is the role that artistic practice can play in unfolding these stories? In how far can the properties of specific materials lead to unravel their connections with other matter, agents, and procedures? Taking our work on the exhibition (2015, Mu.ZEE, Ostende (BE), and book Hunting & Collecting (2016) as a starting point and a methodology, we would like to accompany participants in their specific research.

The two-week course will evolve around an object or a material and its history in order to engage with a site-specific research. It might lead us to museums in Salzburg and its surroundings (such as the Natural History Museum and missionary collections), but it might also allow us to connect the local economy (Salzburgā€™s mining history) to modes of production in other parts of the world (in the Democratic Republic of Congo, i.e.).

Course leader

Sammy Baloji / Lotte Arndt

Target group

Open to anyone interested in fine arts

Fee info

EUR 0: EUR 700: Regular fee
EUR 540: Reduced fee for students


Send application for grants by 3 April 2019. Link on official website