Austria, Salzburg

Drawn Forms

when 5 August 2019 - 17 August 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks

In recent years, drawing has seen a revival of interest and is now considered in its complexity as a direct, light and dynamic medium. This course is for students who are sensitive to contemporary drawing practices without distinction of level. This is a global approach to drawing through various aspects and techniques.

From drawing from the living model to various experiments, the purpose of the course will be to understand some issues related to this medium: scale, space setting, links between work, tool and technique. We will also be interested in drawing as a documentary form by making a link with other documentary practices (photojournalism, writing, etc.) and narrative processes or devices whose research for drawn forms is the guiding thread. Drawing offers infinite possibilities, if one is attentive to the work process – accidents that can arise from the first sketches to the realisation and its staging in the given space.

During the two weeks of classes we will work around individual projects which we will develop together.

Course leader

Massinissa Selmani

Target group

open to anyone interested in fine arts

Fee info

EUR 0: EUR 700: Regular fee
EUR 540: Reduced fee for students


Send application for grants by 3 April 2019. Link on official website