Netherlands, The Hague

Democracy & Diplomacy

when 7 July 2019 - 13 July 2019
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 100

How do diplomats function within the constraints of a democracy? Is it democratic that treaties, deals, and agreements which influence everyday life are negotiated by unelected representatives? Can and should we make diplomacy more democratic?

This short but intense summer course will give insights into the relationship and challenges between democracy, international diplomacy, and international negotiation. At the end of the week you will take part in a newly developed simulation, incorporating new technologies and methods. You will represent, in pairs of two, an organisation or nation. You are expected to prepare a position, negotiate an agreement, and formulate a press and parliamentary address justifying the results. This simulation will take place at the House of Europe in The Hague!

As part of the course, we will have a field visit to the Peace Palace and the International Criminal Court. A panel discussion with diplomats from the Foreign Office will be facilitated to connect theory to practice.

In the final assignment you are expected to choose a current or historical situation in which an agreement was reached through negotiation. You will analyse this situation through the theoretical lenses as presented during the course. Finally you are expected to put forward a critical review on the relationship between diplomacy and democracy in that particular situation.

Course leader

H.B. van den Berg & L. Cornips
Several guest speakers such as: Simon Anholt, Patrick de Vries (top diplomat, international lawyer, and policy advisor), Centre for International Legal Cooperation, and guest speakers from the Foreign Office.

Target group

To be admitted for this program you do not need previous experience, knowledge, or related studies in the field. This program is open to anyone interested in the subject and wishing to obtain experience with democracy and diplomacy and negotiation. To be selected please provide:
- Motivational statement of a minimum of 250 and maximum 500 words why you want to take part in this summer course and should be considered.
- Curriculum Vitae, including current or previous studies, current or previous work experience, current or previous extra curricula.
- Being able to read, write, and speak English at a sufficient level.
- Payment of tuition fee, and other optional fees, no later than 4 weeks before the start of the program.

Course aim

As a participant you will:
- gain insights in the relationship between democracy and diplomacy, the constraints and benefits of this relationship, both theoretical as practical.
- gain valuable negotiation and diplomacy skills through a proven combination of applying theoretical knowledge in high end simulations.
- develop skills for public speaking, speech writing, doing research for negotiation and reporting.
- build an international network through the Young Diplomat community and meet with diplomats from different disciplines.
- receive personalised coaching and training due to the small group design.

Credits info


Fee info

EUR 100: Tuition fee includes:

- Location for lectures and discussions.
- All reading and teaching materials.
- Certificate of participation.
- Possibility for access to the Royal Library of The Hague.
- Entrance fees to the cultural visits to the Peace Palace, International Criminal Court, and the planel discussion with diplomats.
- First round of drinks during the Pub Quiz.
EUR 0: Accommodation, this is an optional fee: € 300,- Suitable accommodation from the 7th of July until the 13th of July, in the city centre of The Hague, shared with another participant, including breakfast.

Transportation costs:

- From Schiphol Airport to Den Haag Holland Spoor, nearest to the accommodation runs every 15 minutes. One way ticket will cost approximately € 10,-.
- Accommodation is near to the facilities where the lectures are being held, no transportation needed.
- Transportation during the course to the Humanity HUB and the House of Europe is best to take tram 1 from Den Haag Holland Spoor to stop Centrum Den Haag. One way ticket will cost approximately € 1,-.
- Transportation to the International Criminal Court will be done as a group, instructions will be provided during the course. One way ticket will cost approximately € 4,-.
- Transportation to the Peace Palace will be done as a group, instructions will be provided during the course. One way ticket will cost approximately € 2,-.

Optional: an OV chipcard for transportation within The Hague can be provided for € 25,- (this does not include the transportations from and to Schiphol Airport).