Prague, Czech Republic


when 6 July 2020 - 21 August 2020
language English
duration 7 weeks
fee EUR 2000

The main goal of the Summer Program on Architecture is to cover a wide range of profession-related subjects normally not studied at schools of architecture or at least not studied practically; something that will be essential to the students in the real world.
Part 1- Lectures
Most of the classes are taught in classrooms but the students will also go outside to visit historical and modern places. The lectures follow a business-oriented curriculum and revolve around career-oriented topics such as the architectural design of commercial buildings from a business perspective, the planning and management of cities’ growth, working with clients, leadership or cooperation between architects, land developers and real estate consultants.
Part 2- Internship
After the three weeks of lectures, students will take part in internships in prominent local and international architectural and development firms based in Prague or neighbouring countries. Students will have an opportunity to apply and improve the knowledge gained during the lectures.

ECCEDU internships offer a unique chance to acquire beneficial work experience and interact with some of the best architecture and development companies in Prague and abroad. 4 weeks of internship at a local architecture or real estate development company. The students will be matched with architecture studios based on their experience and skills and the studios' demands. Several offices available for internships will be in other European countries.

Internships are always under the close supervision and guidance of senior company representatives, who look after students, coach them and help them grow - for this reason each company doesn’t take on more than 1 or 2 of our students.

During their internships, students get assigned personalized tasks, designed to fit their personal and professional interests. Their internship work also typically includes office-based work related to the practice of architecture and design, such as research, working with various software programs, attending meetings, or visiting construction sites.

Course leader

Courses are taught by leading local and international architects and planners, professionals in land development, IT specialists and representatives from real estate firms. We select lecturers with real experience in order to make sure that they can give

Course aim

Career- focused lectures ( all of our lectures will share their own experience with our students)
Internship- our internship offers the perfect experience to lift our students to new heights and bring them closer to follow their dreams.
A great way how to know the foreign culture, meet new friends and extend your horizons

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Fee info

EUR 2000: Early bird promotion price- 1700 EURO ( pay before 31st March 2020)