London, United Kingdom

Date Driven Web-Based Applications

when 29 June 2020 - 17 July 2020
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee GBP 2100

The 2020 UCL Summer School has been cancelled due to the spread of Covid-19.

This 1st year, undergraduate core course covers the basic technical aspects of dynamic website construction concerning the front end (client) and the back end (server), It aims to develop a springboard for web-related technologies that require data collection, organisation and maintenance of accessible websites, through symantic layouts and with an introduction to object orientated coding practices. It focuses on developing skills in using HTML, CSS, jQuery, with PHP and SQL and covers aspects of data flow and web data management.

Course leader

Alan Lane currently teaches at the UCL Department of Information Studies. He holds a first class undergraduate degree in Computer Science and an MSc PG/Dip in Internet and Database Systems. Alan has over 40 years of business experience in the creative ind

Target group

This is a level one module (equivalent to first year undergraduate). Students should have experience with a coding language, Laptop with MS Office and Notepad++ and standard entry requirements

Course aim

On completing the course students should:
 understand the basic principles of a dynamic website development
 be familiar with the different aspects of client and server-side coding with mark-up and scripting
languages for dynamic and data gathering web development
 recognise the importance of structure and design for purpose and extensibility
 understand issues related to designing a robust and extensible database
 be able to make an informed further study preference in the field of internet systems

Credits info

7.5 EC
15 UCL credits, 7.5 ECTS, 4 US

Fee info

GBP 2100: Tuition fees for this module: £2100
GBP 1100: Accommodation (optional) costs approx. £1100 per 3-week Session.