Ekaterinburg, Russia

Russian Fresh: Made in the 90s

when 3 February 2020 - 23 February 2020
language Russian
duration 3 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 1280

The 90s was a hard labour in the modern history of Russia when the economic stagnation and deterioration occurred, where people suffered the lack of money, food, basics, high technology embodied in computers, mobile phones and the high-speed Internet. Ironically, despite all that, many Russians who grew up in the post-perestroika would assert that they had lived in the “good times”.

Participants of “Made in the 90s” will travel in time to the 90s “bad and good times” to experience the Russian of 90s: playing Tetris, SEGA, Gummi Twist, watching the 90s comedies and action films and talking to Russians who grew up and survived the 90s.

After a 3-week winter course, participants will celebrate their linguistic achievements in conquering Russian language, enjoying the unique experience by traveling to Ekaterinburg and Kazan to be exposed to the social, cultural and financial contexts of soviet Russia, 90s Russia and today’s Russia.

Course leader

Maria Guzikova

Target group

Any interested in learning / improving Russian language, culture, history

Course aim

To make your knowledge about Russian language and Russia better!

Fee info

EUR 1280: Included:

Accommodation in the comfortable hostels in Ekaterinburg and Kazan (from 3rd February until 23rd February);
Train ticket from Ekaterinburg to Kazan;
Breakfast in Ekaterinburg and Kazan;
Russian language tuition in Ekaterinburg at Ural Federal University;
Learning materials;
Workshops on Russian traditional toy, song and dance;
Linguistic games and quest;
Visa and registration support;
Transfer in Ekaterinburg from the airport Koltsovo / Train Station;
Printing service;
Souvenirs of the Winter School;
UrFU's certificate upon completion the course
The Excursion Program includes:

In Ekaterinburg

Square of 1905
Lenin’s monuments
The Church-on-Blood
Boris Yeltsin Centre
Museum of Fine Arts
Ural Opera Ballet Theatre
Soviet Lifestyle Museum
Border between Europe and Asia
Real Russian thermal springs
In Kazan

Kazan Kremlin
Volga river
Suyumbike Tower
Kul Sharif Mosque
Temple of All Religions
Kazan Arena
Bauman Street
Kazan Family Centre
Ministry for Agriculture and Food
The Cathedral of Peter and Paul
Chak-Chak museum
Annunciation Cathedral
Old Tatar Settlement