Utrecht, Netherlands

Pain Rehabilitation Management

when 7 July 2021 - 17 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 950

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, this program has been postponed to 2021.

Healthcare professionals in rehabilitation are involved with clients with persistent pain. This course offers you fundamental knowledge and skills that are required to function in pain rehabilitation. Part 1 is an online course and offers you knowledge about physiology of acute and chronic pain, prognostic factors and more. Part 2 takes place at Hogeschool Utrecht. During a 2-week interactive program, you will be submerged in the subject. Together with your classmates and different experts, you will tackle clinical reasoning following a biopsychological approach. You will acquire skills to successfully deal with clinical problems around clients with persistent pain.

This course is intended for students and recent graduates in physiotherapy and related fields interested in persistent pain. For those interested in pursuing a career in pain rehabilitation this course will provide an excellent foundation. For others, it will provide a solid base of knowledge and skills for managing clients with persistent pain in primary care.

The purpose of this 2 week summer course is to provide participants with knowledge and skills and a deeper understanding of the biopsychosocial model, diagnostics and treatment of persistent pain.

The course consists of two seperate modules. First, an online module is provided that is focused on the basic biopsychological mechanisms of acute and chronic pain. The online course is designed around an actual client and will take you through the following subjects: neurophysiology, clinical reasoning, education, behavioral change and many more aspects. The online course is co-designed with HSG Bochum (Germany) and serves as a basis for the practical part and has to be finished before coming to Utrecht.

The second module will be offered at the University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool) in Utrecht. In this two-week module, you will combine theory and practice by case based learning. The first week will cover topics related to assessing and measuring biopsychological factors that contribute to pain-related disability. Implementation of effective pain management options, such as pain education and various cognitive behavioral approachess will be the focus of week two.

You will prepare a clinical case or problem around persistent pain for the practical course. In the morning we will focus on theory. In the afternoon we will transfer this theory into practice with your clinical case.

The educational staff consists of experienced healthcare providers in the field of chronic pain management, as well as scientists in the field of pain rehabilitation. At the end of the course you will have several ideas to solve your clinical problem. The final exam consists of two parts: a presentation and a written assignment. Each student will present their clinical case and its treatment plan as a form of peer assessment. The written assigment needs to be built around your findings, plans for the future and learning process.

We hope to inspire, encourage and teach you to understand and work with this complex range of clients. We expect that both you and your future clients will benefit from everything you have learned during this program.

Course leader

Else Scheffer, MSc

Target group

Students (2nd year and higher) and recent graduaties in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinetics therapy and medical students interested in persistent pain.

Course aim

Student can apply pain education and has awareness of nocebo's. Student has awareness of different orientations (e.g. biopsychosocial, biomedical and psychological) and the effect on treatment decisions around persistent pain. Student can provide arguments for clinical reasoning and decision making during treatment process. Student can take pharmacological aspects into account during clinical reasoning.

Fee info

EUR 950: Foreign students and non-HU students will receive a €300 discount. HU students receive a €900 discount. When you are a student, please include a copy of your College registration or university (of applied sciences) registration in your motivation letter.
EUR 350: Housing fee (optional)

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