Utrecht, Netherlands

Business Process Management and IT

when 2 August 2021 - 13 August 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 850

This course will provide both theoretical background and hands-on experience with business process management (BPM), improvement and innovation. On the one hand it is important for organisations to have grip on their processes, and to continually evaluate and improve their processes in an evolutionary way; Information Technology (IT) can play a supporting role in this. On the other hand, innovative IT can play a disruptive role for businesses. In this course both aspects will be illustrated and discussed.

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In this course both theoretical background and hands-on experience with business process management (BPM) is provided. Historical principles of business/IT-alignment and business process re-engineering will be discussed in the context of new developments like process mining, process maturity measurement, blockchain, etc.. Standards like the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) will be introduced. The link of legacy systems and databases with BPM will be explained. Also new trends like Business Rules Management in relation to Business Process Management will be elaborated upon.

Based on the BPM-lifecycle (Weske, 2004) the following topics will be discussed: 1) the design & analysis of (business) processes 2) automation of processes by implementing information systems 3) the daily monitoring of operations and maintenance of processes and 4) the evaluation of running processes. In the research track of the course increasing digitisation will be investigated through literature research and a case study: the relation between innovative IT in relation to business processes will be elaborated. Automation of processes will be practiced in the hands-on practical track of the course using a BPM-system.

This course will only be taught in a physical setting. Presence in Utrecht is required.

Course leader

Prof. dr. Pascal Ravesteijn

Course aim

Provide course members with insights and practical experience on BPM and the relation to IT, as well as basic academic research principles in the context of BPM.

Fee info

EUR 850: Course + course materials
EUR 350: Housing fee (optional)

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