Berlin, Germany

Fields and Fragments of German Media Studies - from collective distraction to cultural techniques

when 18 July 2020 - 15 August 2020
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 1100

In this course, we will collectively scrutinize this labelling and widen the frame by discussing different historical and contemporary examples of research about media and communication in Berlin and Germany. We will focus on the period from the 1920s onwards and increasingly move towards the present. As we go along, we will build bridges between historical positions and contemporary ones, providing a sense for continuities and discontinuities in media theoretical positions and formats of media critique. Through the collective experience and critical discussion of texts, films and field trips, students will gain a wide understanding of the problems and objects of media-theoretical inquiry and of its historical and geographical context.

Altogether, this course has four intents: It serves as an introduction to problems in media studies for newcomers; it particularly focuses on media studies in Germany and Berlin for those already more familiar with questions in the field; it enquires about Berlin as both production site and object of media research; and it seeks to attenuate the labelling of a Berlin brand of media studies.

Course leader

Steffen Krämer

Target group

This course is suitable for everyone who is interested in cultural, social, and philosophical theories about media and communication. For those who already have a background in media studies or related disciplines, the course might provide additional information about the German and Berlin context of the discipline. For all others, the course might serve as a general albeit selective introduction into repeating themes of media studies. The course is interdisciplinary in nature and particularly suited for undergraduate students from the fields of cultural studies, communication studies, comparative literature, and art history.

Credits info

4 EC


- Attendance and participation: 20%
- Text presentation and moderation: 40%
- Final course paper: 40%

Fee info

EUR 1100: course fee
EUR 250: program fee

Early registration discount: -50€ (until May 23, 2020)


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