Aarhus, Denmark

Personnel Assessment: Tools and Techniques for Future HR Managers

when 26 July 2021 - 6 August 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 343

The course will focus on the conceptual and operational bases to use the different tools, practices, and approaches related to the management of human resources, with particular reference to personnel assessment, recruitment, and selection.

The first introductory part will present the recent evolution of Human Resource Management, its traditional and new issues (e.g., virtual teams, digitalization, technostress, etc.), and its strategic importance for the company.

A second part of the course will focus on the selection process, from the job profile to recruitment channels (traditional and digital/social media approaches and processes), passing through selection steps, screening, and how to prove a shortlist of candidates.

A third part will pay attention to selection and assessment methodologies and practices: what to evaluate, operational definitions and job profile; how to evaluate, from budget and resources to the choice of instruments; job interview, group assessment, Assessment Center and Development Center, selection biases; tests and questionnaires.

A fourth final part will provide indications to assess candidates’ perceptions regarding the selection process, to report individual and group assessment, and to give feedback.

Course leader

Massimiliano Barattucci

Target group

Master's level

Fee info

EUR 343: Exchange students: No Fee

Freemovers, EU/EEA: 343 EUR

Freemovers, NON-EU/EEA: 858 EUR

Books, course materials, social programme, and housing are not included in the fee.


No scholarships available

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