Czech Republic, Praha

Managerial Psychology (on campus)

when 27 July 2020 - 7 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 800

The Managerial Psychology course will teach you to become a successful manager who is able to lead, motivate, engage, inspire and retain people within the company working individually or as part of a team. Having the essential psychology skills in the workplace helps you and your team to perform better, more effectively and for the company, it is a real competitive advantage.

Acquired skills
Understand basic psychological concepts related to the practical execution of management and leadership.
Understand the unique character of personality, use tools to identify and measure different personality types, and apply the knowledge in people management.
Improve interpersonal skills based on understanding and application of relevant concepts of intelligence, abilities, emotions, motivation, communication, decision making, and creativity.
Apply psychological principles and knowledge in the areas of recruitment & selection, training & development, performance appraisal, rewards, retention, conflict resolution, communication, etc.
Understand the importance of values and ethics for creating the strong and ethical company culture.

Course leader

Ivana Schmidtova is an experienced manager, HR expert, psychologist and teacher. She earned both her Pharmacy Doctor degree and MA degree in Psychology at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

Target group

Young professionals and university students with an intermediary level of English

Course aim

A successful manager is able to lead people effectively. Application of psychology helps understand, attract, select, inspire, motivate, engage, support, and develop individuals and teams, and thus achieve higher performance and competitive advantage.

This course will provide you with an overview of applied psychological approaches, methods and tools, with particular focus on personality characteristics and their measurement, intelligence, motivation, decision making, managing emotions and conflict resolution, effective communication and presentation skills, leadership styles, time and stress management, organizational culture and change, etc. You will have the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge and practically develop your skills.

Day 1
Introduction to the course and discussion on class expectations, Syllabus review, Introduction to managerial philosophy and psychology
Day 2
Basic concepts of general psychology and management, Managerial functions, Six main psychological perspectives, Research methods in social sciences
Day 3
Intelligence & abilities, Cognitive and learning styles, Decision making and creativity
Day 4
Emotions and moods in human behaviour, Emotional intelligence, Conflict resolution
Day 5
Personality: key concepts , Personality types, application in people management
Day 6
Motivation: key concepts and their application in people management, Job satisfaction, Employee engagement
Day 7
Management & Leadership: key concepts, styles and contemporary trends, Key success and failure factors
Day 8
Time & stress management, Resilience, methods of coping with stress, Time management techniques
Day 9
Organizational culture & change, Building and managing organizational culture, work-related values, Management and communication of organizational changes, Final project
Day 10
Contemporary trends in Managerial Psychology, Catch-up and/or reinforcement of previous topics, Final group exercise and recapitulation

Course is running: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 14:00

Credits info

5 EC
You will receive an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course which you may use to show evidence of the skills you have learnt during the course and have the credits accepted by your home university.

Fee info

EUR 800: Course fee includes the application fee, study materials, Prague public transportation ticket for 2 weeks, afternoon/evening social activities and events, welcome drink and goodbye graduation party. Other expenses, such as meals, accommodation, insurance, personal expenses, extra activities (such as trips outside town over the weekend and entrance fees), and required equipment (i.e. pencils, paper for illustrations) are not included in the price.

Please note, after the 30th of April 2020, there will be a late enrollment fee charged in the amount of 50EUR on top of the course fee.

Online Alternative - we are fully prepared for an online version of the courses if the restrictions will still take place and your physical presence in Prague will not be possible. If this scenario will occur we will be refunding 200EUR as a discount for the online version of the courses.

In addition, we have adopted a COVID-19 Cancellation fee - in case the course will be cancelled without an online alternative or the Summer school program will not be happening/possible due to the lasting Coronavirus restrictions in your country or in the Czech Republic, we will be refunding all course fee back so the cancellation fee is 0EUR.
EUR 221: Accommodation fee for a 13night stay at Botic Student House starts at 17 EUR/night.

Everyday afternoon or evening activities organized - sports, weekend trips, city tours, sightseeing, parties etc.

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