St. Petersburg, Russia

Global Studies in Russia

when 6 July 2020 - 15 July 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee RUB 7000

Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 the summer school "Global Studies in Russia" 2020 has been cancelled.

Instead of the event as it was planned we would like to offer a very short series of online lectures on Russian society, politics, and economy to everyone interested. In June, a description and timetable of the sessions will be available at:

The school will focus on Russia's global role. After all, Russia is constantly in the news – but do we know much about its actual inner workings and outer ambitions? Is it still 'a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma', as Churchill famously said, or perhaps 'a normal country', as some suggested after the fall of Communism?

We will discuss Russian politics, the historical forces shaping it as well as current trends. We will explore Russia's role in the post-Soviet region and in the world, interrogating its great power ambitions and tough political manoeuvring as well as its role in the
international institutions. We will talk about big business in Russia and the ways it is integrated into the global economy.

Delving deeper still, we will look into the attitudes and values of the Russian population, comparing it regionally and internationally. You will learn about Russia – but you will also deepen your knowledge of key political, economic and sociological concepts through the discussions of the Russian case.


- Introduction to Russian Politics
- Post-Soviet Studies: Post-Soviet Developments in the Global and Regional Context
- Global Politics: Russia in the World
- Sustainable Development in the World and in Russia: Challenges and Opportunities
- Russia and the Globalization of Sports
- What Justice Requires? Ageing of Population, Social Justice and Pension Reforms in Contemporary Russia
- Russian Republican Moments: Past and Present
- Project Development in Groups: Reform Projects (Political, Social, Economic)

Each topic comprises morning and afternoon sessions. Our instructors are members of the Faculty of International Relations and Politics who hold key expertise in Russian studies. They have publications and awards to prove their contribution to the field.

The morning session will be a lecture on the topic delivered by one of our instructors. Afternoon sessions will vary. Some of them will be seminars focused on zooming into the topics covered in the morning session. Others will be exciting activities tailored to connect to the topic, like trips to local businesses, tours to sport facilities, and film screenings.


The Summer school includes a two-day retreat to the Gulf of Finland. A holiday destination beloved by the locals, the shore of the Gulf of Finland is a perfect place to take a deep breath and smell the pine trees. We can’t promise it the weather to be warm, or even dry – but we can promise unique experiences, cosy atmosphere, and excellent classes. Transfer to Zelenogorsk is included into the fee. See you in Saint Petersburg!

Target group

- At least a year of studies at the BA level
- B2 level of English

Credits info

2 EC
RANEPA will award a certificate of attendance to all students who completed the course in its entirety. Everyone who will have received a passing grade will be awarded 2 ECTS credits. Extra 3 ECTS credits could be awarded for a final essay.

Fee info

RUB 7000: A fee of 7 000 roubles (approx. 100 EUR) to be paid at arrival.