Utrecht, Netherlands

Old Catholic Theology: The Early Church as Charism and Challenge - Track

when 5 July 2020 - 17 July 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 725

This track consists of two connected courses which offer the posibility to get to know and deepen your understanding of Old Catholic Theology by thematic and in-depth, case-driven classes. The first week will offer a broad overview of main topics and themes in Old Catholic theology and spirituality which will be deepened in the courses of the second week. Especially the courses in the second week are linked to an apparent paradoxical key-starting-point of Old Catholic theology: the faith and order of the Early Church. How can a modern church be so 'traditional' at the same time?

Course leader

Prof. dr. Peter-Ben Smit

Target group

Students of theology interested in Old Catholicism and ecumenism; Clergy and theologians interested in Old Catholicism and ecumenism; Laypersons with formal or informal theological training interesting in Old Catholicism and ecumenism. The course is of specific interest for students with Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran, Old Catholic, and ecumenical backgrounds.

Course aim

The goals of the course are, the following; upon completing the course: 1) The student will be familiar with central aspects of Old Catholic identity and theology, 2) The student will be able to contextualize Old Catholic theology within the broader spectrum of theology and religious studies, 3) The student will have a deepened knowledge of Old Catholic theology its appeal on the Early Church; 4) The student will be able apply this knowledge in theological reflexion and research; 6) The student will be able to undertake further independent study of aspects of Old Catholic theology.

Fee info

EUR 725: Course fee
EUR 350: Housing optional

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