Utrecht, Netherlands

Future Food Studies: Exploring Sustainable Solutions

when 16 August 2021 - 27 August 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 750

A global food revolution is urgently needed for a healthy, sustainable, and a fair food supply for the rapidly growing and urbanising human population with increasing living standards, life expectancy, and incidences of chronic diseases, while recognizing the limits of our planet. This summer school introduces three research themes: environmental impact of food production, food consumption and health, and governance for fair food. Through lectures, workshops, assignments, and excursions, participants acquire insight in the complexity of food studies.

The human race is expected to grow from 7.8 billion people currently to 10 billion in 2030. According to some estimates this might be even close to 11 billion people. This poses an enormous challenge in terms of food, on a variety of dimensions. Can we make sure that there is sufficient food with proper nutritional value for affordable prices available for all, whilst respecting planetary boundaries and animal welfare? This is the multifaceted problem that asks for an interdisciplinary approach that is at the core of the summer school 'Future Food: exploring sustainable solutions'. Utrecht University embraces this multifaceted problem in the Future Food Hub that encompasses four research themes: nature inspired food production, food fairness, immune resilience, and social and cultural change of food behaviour. These research themes will be introduced in this summer school and will form the basis for further exploration by participants in the course.

Because of the nature of the course this summer school will be offered face-to-face, with possibly some online components. Presence in Utrecht is required.

Course leader

dr Mieke Lumens

Target group

This summerschool is targeting international students who are at the end of their undergraduate or beginning of their graduate studies, and who have an interest in food related issues. Moreover, students in this summerschool should be interested in interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems, which is the future food subject.

We strive for a diverse group of participants, with background knowledge and experience in different academic (and professional) disciplines.

Course aim

The aim of this course is to introduce and explore the multifaceted problem of future food from a sustainable and interdisciplinary perspective. At the end of the course participants will have basic knowledge and experience in the complexity of future food studies, and in ways to approach this.

Fee info

EUR 750: Course + course materials + lunch
EUR 350: Housing fee: optional

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