Krems, Austria

Healthy Herbs - a Strategy Against Antimicrobial Resistance in the Respiratory Tract

online course
when 8 September 2021 - 12 September 2021
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 EC
fee EUR 100

Microorganisms are bioactive structures that can adapt to changing environmental conditions and thus develop resistance to antibiotics. This has led to an increasing challenge across countries: despite situations where the use of antibiotics for emergency care is indicated, these antibiotics only show weakened or no effectiveness at all. Expert lectures and discussions, practical work within the framework of selectable workshops, demonstrations and an excursion make it possible to expand or deepen basic knowledge of phytotherapy. The focus is on medicinal plants for diseases of the respiratory tract.


It will be possible to participate either on-site (campus of the Donau-Universität Krems in Krems, Austria) OR online (Zoom). You can select your mode of attendance during the registration. We will stream all the workshops so you can participate from home, but please note that you will need to provide the used materials (inexpensive basics such as potatoes, ointment base, essential oils etc.) yourself. You will receive a list of recommended materials in advance. You won’t need special pharmaceutical equipment at home!

Course leader

Donau - Universität Krems / Danube University Krems; Department of Health Sciences, Medicine and Science; Center of Traditional Chinese Healthcare and Complementary Medicine. Head: Prof. Dr. Andrea Zauner - Dungl

Target group

Students in the healthcare sector (e.g. medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, nursing, massage, physiotherapy AND health care workers, health care professionals.

Due to special expenses for enabling online participation, we claim identical fees for on-site and online participation.

Course aim

- learn about traditional use of medicinal plants and their antimicrobial potential
- Review popular medicinal herbal formulas from the perspective of modern evidence-based science
- get in touch with evidence based literature (with focus on plants for the respiratory system and to strenghten the immune system
- Create and develop and mix your own medicinal plant mixtures for the respiratory system
- be a part of the "remodelling the healthcare sysem" and be able to give a phytotherapeutical statement

Credits info

1.5 EC
The awarding of ECTS is linked to passing the final examination and ongoing participation in the workshops during the Summerschool

Fee info

EUR 100: For STUDENTS only (confirmation of enrolment) The amount includes: lectures, workshops, handouts, digital quizzes, certificate of participation. ECTS after passing a final examination
EUR 300: For PROFESSIONALS (e.g. physicians, nursing) The amount includes: lectures, workshops, handouts; digital quizzes, certificate of participation


5 scholarships for students of Germany and Italy, granted by the European Union (refunding amounts) - further information during the lectures!