Paris, France

Problem solving in the Global Context

online course
when 8 February 2021 - 12 February 2021
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 400

Imagine you are a manager in the subsidiary of an international company. The global headquarters has developed a new international marketing campaign. You are responsible to implement the campaign in your local subsidiary context. However, the local government of the country you are working at had recently introduced a law, which interferes heavily with your company’s marketing campaign. The new law does not allow you to use the new marketing advertisement.

The problem seems to be obvious. Hence, you immediately start searching for solutions, which is to find a way to bypass the local law (as you cannot change the company’s globally standardized marketing campaign).

However, do you think this is the best solution in the long run?

What would happens if you took your time and properly diagnosed the problem; what if you searched for underlying root causes and issues? Maybe you would find the overall marketing strategy is the major problem. Maybe the company missed to shift to digital marketing and the use of new technologies.

This is only one example of why it is essential to develop capabilities in strategic thinking and problem diagnosis. In addition, cognitive biases, heuristics and the absence of being able to identify strategic goals and capabilities hamper the strategic work of individuals and teams.

Course leader

Please contact Claire DELHOMME, winter term manager:

Target group

Upper undergraduate students and graduate students

Course aim

This course aims to address the following issues:
- Developing strategic thinking
- Practicing problem solving
- Identifying cognitive biases and heuristics
- Analyzing the complexities of strategizing in an international company
- Learn about individual and organizational strategic goals and capabilities
- Learn how established companies struggle to adopt to new technologies

Fee info

EUR 400: 400 euros tuition fee for free movers + 50 euros administrative fee
EUR 0: no tuition fees for nominated students from partner universities