Berlin, Germany

Extended Reality: Design and Development

online course
when 11 January 2021 - 29 January 2021
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 920

This course is an introductory course for all interested in learning about extended, augmented, and mixed reality. Besides the theoretical overview, participants will learn how to do the first basic setup for extended reality (XR) applications and address user experience and user testing in XR applications. In the end, participants will be able to evaluate their developed XR application and know about possible future improvements.

The course addresses the following topics:

· What is extended, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality?

· What tools are used to develop MR applications, and how can they be set up?

· Deployment of the app on the participants' phones/tablets (depending on device capabilities).

· Introduction to programming for extended reality with Unity (scene setup, interactions).

· What is User Experience (UX), what is UX design?

· UX Design and important influencing factors (human/context/system).

· What is user testing, why is it needed, and what method can be used for testing?

· Perform a usability test and use the gathered result during the development

Reading week: January 4th - January 8th, 2021. Flexible, 5- 10 hours preparatory work to be done on-demand.

Online course: January 11th - January 29th, 2021. Estimated meeting times: Mondays through Fridays. Exact session times will be confirmed once registrations have closed (sessions will be scheduled according to the timezones of the registered course participants). Should you have any questions regarding the course timetable, please contact us at

Please note this is a full-time, intensive course. Weeks 1-3 will involve approximately 30 hours of workload.

Course leader

Dr.-Ing. Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons, diploma degree in psychology & PhD in Engineering
Tanja Kojić, M.Sc. in Information and Communication Technology
Danish Ali, B.A. in computer science

Target group

This course is designed for current university students, working professionals and any individuals with an interest learning about XR, UX, Unity, and user testing

The course is suitable for students of media, design, and computer science who are interested in the topic of extended reality.

Participants from all fields and disciplines are welcome.

Course aim

- Explain what extended reality is, the history of how and why it was developed, and the potential future use of it
- Define user experience, and show benefits of the connection with extended reality
- Teach how to develop a first extended reality game with Unity
- Deployment of the app on the phones/tablets of the participants (depending on device capabilities).
- From creating use case design, scenarios, prototyping to developing to learning to create a good user experience of XR apps
- Learn about the user test and how to analyze/ incorporate the results into a next app version

Fee info

EUR 920: EUR 920: student price
EUR 1320: Working professional/Non-student