Pisa, Italy

Hate speech, Discriminations and Inequality

when 17 October 2021 - 20 October 2021
language French
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 250

The Summer School Hate speech, Discriminations and Inequality will be held in collaboration with the Université Grenobles-Alpes (Draine - Haine et rupture sociale : discours et performativité).
The event is intended for an audience of professionals, teachers and students interested, for professional or research reasons, in issues related to the hate speech in public space.
The language of communication will be mainly French.

Course leader

Prof. Lorella Sini

Target group

From graduated students up to professionals in the Humanities (PhD students, post-doc researchers, teachers, researchers, mediators of communication, cultural mediators etc.)

Course aim

The aim of the project is to provide participants with methods and resources to identify, describe and analyze hate speech in the public sphere in order to neutralize it.

The organization of the event will include two distinct but complementary moments: a first part dedicated to the theoretical presentation of linguistic issues dealing with the incitement to violence and hatred, while the afternoon will be dedicated to performance and creative writing workshops.

The three main courses should be congured as follows:

Discours de haine (hate speech): linguistic and discursive forms and expressions of verbal violence, both implicit and explicit, invective and insult likely to cause hatred.

Discours de résistance(s) (speeches of resistance): linguistic resources and tools for opposition and resistance to ght on against hatred and violence (for example, testimonial, feminist, gender studies, LGBTQ+ literature, etc.)

Discours de (re)médiations (re-mediation speeches): linguistic and discursive strategies related to the management and dynamic process of conict resolution ("contre-discours", "discours alternatifs", "discours d'inclusions" etc.).

Participants will be asked to work on a plurality of texts and genres of discourse (literary, essay, political, media, Internet 2.0, “technographisms”, multimodal corpora...), in order to identify hate speech through language. They will also participate in workshops and recreational activities, and will attend shows and performances focused on body language and non-verbal communication.

Fee info

EUR 250: tuition fees



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