Berlin, Germany

From Lute Songs to Pop Songs: Unboxing a Repertoire

when 24 August 2021 - 27 August 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 540

The art of songwriting is an age-old tradition, spanning genres, cultures, and epochs. We tend to classify songs and put them into boxes: certain types of songs should be sung by certain types of voices, accompanied by certain types of instruments, and listened to by a certain type of audience in a certain kind of space. But what happens when a jazz singer sings a song by Dowland or when a lute accompanies a pop song? As genres collide, how does this change our perception and understanding of the music? What is the relationship between groove and tactus? Can old lyrics speak to a modern audience? What needs to be adapted or rearranged?

In this workshop, we explore these questions and many more. The approach is experimental and participants will be encouraged to draw on their own experiences, as well as those of other members of the group.

The workshop is open to early music singers and contemporary vocalists, lute and guitar players, songwriters, and composers. There will be opportunities for experimenting with the new repertoire, composing and arranging, as well as collaborating with other participants.

Course leader

Claire Huguenin, James Oldham and Sam Chapman

Fee info

EUR 540: Course fee


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