Berlin, Germany

Performing Questions: Relationships in Times of Crisis

when 4 August 2021 - 7 August 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 490

The interview is an offer of conversation, a game of questions and answers, a dialogue that can transform into a polyphonic choir of singularly plural voices. As a form of personal, localised articulation, interviews always produce situated knowledge, whether in a real or a fictional space.

From our perspective as choreographers, it is thus about embodied knowledge. The moment of self-articulation is an act of self-invention in which identities and narrations take shape, at the intersection of personal statement and speculative fabulation. In this workshop, we would like to propose the interview as a performative and speculative question machine to deal with relationships in times of crisis.

On a content level, we will develop divergent views and definitions of the terms crisis (f.e. COVID-19, political, ecological, personal crises, etc.), and relationship (f.e. with other people and non-humans). The following questions will accompany and structure our performative experiments: How does COVID-19 influence the forms in which we relate to one another? How can we talk about it? What can be imagined speculatively in conversation?

Course leader

Martina Ruhsam and Rose Beermann

Fee info

EUR 490: Course fee


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