Netherlands, Utrecht (Utrecht City Campus)

Comparative Study of Asia and Europe

when 1 January 2010 - 1 January 2010
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 500

This course offers students a framework to think in a comparative way about the development of Western European and Asian societies. The emphasis will be on the UK, Netherlands, and France on the European side and India and China on the Asian side. The discussion will focus on the modern period between 1850 and today which includes imperialism, nationalism, and communism. Students will analyze the differences and similarities between communism and nationalism; the effects of the cold war; the rise of China and India (as well as the Asian tigers) and the development of the European Union.They will learn to use methods of comparison that are developed in historical and anthropological studies. Special attention will be given to points and flows of interaction between Asia and Western Europe. While economic development is an important background to the analysis the focus will be on the cultural aspects of societal change. Students will study the role of Protestantism, Confucianism, and Hinduism in the development of national cultures. They will study the formation of unifying languages, like English, Mandarin, and Hindi. The comparison will not only take place at the level of nation-states, but also on that of migrant groups (Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians, Poles, Cypriots) and sensitive regions (Tibet, Kashmir, Ulster, Basque). Policies of integration and homogenization within and beyond nation-states in Asia and Europe are compared.

Course leader

prof. dr P.T. van der Veer

Target group

advanced bachelor, first year MA in humanities and social sciences

Course aim

Analytical skills to use comparative methods. Insight in the history of cultural interactions and connections between Asia and Europe

Credits info

2 EC
Certificate of attendance

Fee info

EUR 500: Course + course materials + housing

EUR 300: Course + course materials


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