Netherlands, Utrecht (Utrecht City Campus)

Developing Inclusive Societies for Youth in International Contexts

when 19 August 2013 - 30 August 2013
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 885

In many countries both in the 'Western' world and in 'The South' youth have been exposed to a window of opportunities, showing an appealing modern world without having real access to this world. Through globalization, migration, urbanization, and the media disadvantaged youth is increasingly exposed to life styles and identities they have no access to.

Current development policies, mostly directed at providing education and health systems, seem outdated. Many young people having completed primary education do not know enough to be considered functional literate and numerate. Besides, many of those who completed secondary education cannot find a suitable occupation. Similarly, health systems fail to cover and solve basic health problems young people encounter, such as those related to HIV/AIDS. As such the expansion of these systems is neither efficient nor effective, and not creating any sustainable impact. Policy makers have expressed their concern that this situation will bring about frustrations, contributing to disruptive undesired and undesirable behaviour: mental illnesses, abuses of many kinds, criminal behaviour, and (political) violence at various scales.

New solutions to new problems: In this course we will discuss new models of youth development and education as related to models of inclusive citizenship for children and youth. Moreover, youth issues, including education, health and citizenship, are discussed in the context of a re-orientation on international development policies. Given that older models have failed, and new contexts for youth policy arise, the focus of this course is on innovation within the historical context of what has been tried before.

Objective: To provide students with a comprehensive overview of challenges on child and youth development in an international context, and with possible approaches to face these challenges.

Our offer: A comprehensive series of classes for professionals with a scientific background, by experienced and seasoned scholars of Utrecht University, providing for in depth background information, practice-driven master classes on the question raised and on the treatments proposed.

Course leader

dr. Rogier van 't Rood

Target group

This course is meant for:
a) practitioners in the area of international youth policy & education who want to update their knowledge or
b) advanced Bachelor students in the area of youth, child development and education who are interested in how they can apply their knowledge to the field of international development and aid.

Master students are welcomed as well.

Knowledge of child development, youth or education is an advantage, though not strictly necessary.

Course aim

- Gain knowledge of and insight into the scientific theories that form the background or back up the knowledge in the field of Education, Youth, Citizenship, International Cooperation & Aid.
- To gain knowledge of the field of Education, Youth, Citizenship, International Cooperation & Aid, in the sense of its problems, dilemma’s, programmatic interventions, in the relevant contexts of international aid.
- To develop contextual knowledge of the settings (as related to the regions in which these are located) in which interventions directed at international cooperation and aid take place.
- To gain knowledge of the diverse points of view on how in international cooperation and aid issues of youth and education should be addressed.
- To be able to formulate and develop an independent point of view with respect to both scientific theories as well as to social issues relevant to the field addressed in this course.
- To be able to give a clear and consistent written account of the above.

Credits info

3 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 885: Course + course materials + housing


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