Nottingham, United Kingdom

The Psychology of Positive Human Functioning

online course
when 1 July 2022 - 8 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 5 EC
fee GBP 125

This module will take students on an exciting and transformative journey through the philosophical and practical foundations of well-being and happiness. Students will learn about why Psychology has focused more on understanding and treating the problems people experience, than exploring their strengths, well-being and uncovering their true potential. This course is designed to address that imbalance and give students powerful insights and tools on how to enhance well-being in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Students will find out about well-being and why it matters. There will be an exploration of different types of well-being and how it could be measured. Students will also learn about how Psychology has traditionally focused more on what is wrong with a person when compared with celebrating and expanding on someone’s innate strengths. We will explore the ‘Science of Strengths and Virtues’ and why this matters to people’s health and well-being. They will explore how strengths are conceptualised and measured, and also examine the application of strengths and strength-based interventions in a variety of settings. Students will learn more about how people’s psychological relationship with time can impact many areas of their lives, including their well-being, health, relationships and success. Also, ways in which a sense of purpose and meaning can be developed from one’s life, moment-by-moment. Students will explore the benefits of mindfulness and flow, and be able to share different cultural experiences of happiness and well-being. The group will examine positive psychological interventions and how these could be designed for a range of people, including those who have experienced trauma and people who are happy but still feel like something is missing in their lives.

Students will work together and with tutors on the course to design interventions that can benefit targeted groups of people. Students will share their group work with their peers and tutors on the course. By the end of the day, students should have developed some key principles and practices from the course that they can regularly apply to help themselves and to help others for their mental health and well-being.

This course will include live sessions and activities, quizzes, tutor videos and directed discussions.

During the course students will work together and with tutors to design interventions that can benefit targeted groups of people. Students will share their group work with their peers and tutors on the course in the form of a poster presentation.

Course leader

Dr Glenn Williams, Principal Lecturer, and Ed Griffin, Senior Lecturer from Nottingham Trent University's School of Social Sciences.

Target group

This course is ideal for undergraduate students with an interest in this subject. No prior knowledge is required.

Course aim

After studying on this course you should be able to:
• Identify the core scientific methods for carrying out positive psychological research and intervention.
• Understand essential positive psychology concepts (e.g. time perspective, flow, wellbeing, happiness), and how these concepts are put into practice.
• Recognise important principles for effective intervention planning with a positive psychology emphasis.
• Utilise theoretical and evidence-based knowledge to understand their own experiences and enhance their levels of self-awareness.
• Apply positive psychological principles and practices to help themselves and to help others for their mental health and well-being.
• Have experienced task-orientated team working throughout the course and will have opportunities to practise their team working skills.
• Identify and apply their core psychological strengths.

Credits info

5 EC
On successfully completing this course you will receive 5 cps recorded on an official NTU results transcript, a certificate and a digital skills badge.

Fee info

GBP 125: Tuition fee includes our exciting social and cultural programme and the opportunity to earn our Cultural Diversity Digital Badge, and the support of NTU Buddies.



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