Munich, Germany

Circular Systems

online course
when 7 September 2021 - 11 September 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 79

The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) is a unique virtual program, where top university students develop entrepreneurial solutions that tackle the world’s biggest challenges.
It is a virtual learning journey that combines practical and interactive methods to create a life-changing experience and lifelong connections for every participant.
In the spirit of promoting “Billion Euro Projects to take Climate Action”, we work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals aiming to empower students to become young responsible leaders who create positive change in our society.

For the second time, GESS will be held virtually. This format proved to be a complete success last year. It combines hands-on, interactive methods to create lasting connections through formative experiences with the subject area and fellow participants.

During a five-day virtual program, students from all around the world are challenged to develop innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to real-world problems., They will focus their individual ambitions towards one common goal: utilizing the principles of "Circular Systems" to actively address climate change through entrepreneurial means.

As mentioned, the title and focus of #GESS2021 is going to be "Circular Systems." Food, packaging, chemicals, plastics. We mostly live life with the one-way, "throwaway mode" on. "Circular Systems" aim to create a regenerative, closed-loop system that emphasizes reuse, sharing, repair, upcycling and recycling, minimizing the use of resources and the generation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions . Social enterprises should step up to this challenge and actively take part in a more sustainable future for all.

Course leader

The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School (GESS) is a program of the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie organized in cooperation with seven leading university-based entrepreneurship centers in Munich, Shanghai, Querétaro (Mex.) and Cape Town.

Target group

Undergraduate, graduate, MBA and PhD students.
Ages 18 – 35.
All fields of study (e.g., design, computer science, business economics, humanities, social sciences) are welcome to apply.
You must be enrolled at a university at some point during the calendar year of the summer school.

Course aim

At GESS, you will work in international and interdisciplinary teams on large-scale problems and develop your own ideas that present both a beneficial impact on society and a self-sustaining, profitable business model.
Throughout GESS, your team will be partnered with a coach who will provide continuous feedback and assist with any technical questions.
A series of interactive input sessions by renowned entrepreneurs will provide you with complementary and inspiring knowledge.

You will walk away with valuable connections, a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, the insightful guidance of proven experts, a chance to voice your personal entrepreneurship-ideas and the irreplaceale inspiration when great minds come together and bundle their creative and intellectual forces.

Fee info

EUR 79: We charge each selected participant a non-refundable fee of EUR 79.00. Paying the fee on time is a requirement for participating in GESS. You will only have to pay, if you are also chosen to participate.

The application itself is free.