Ljubljana, Slovenia

Behavioural Economics & Neuromarketing

when 8 July 2024 - 24 July 2024
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7 EC
fee EUR 650

Traditional economics assumes that individuals make decisions based on rationality, maximizing their utility. However, behavioral economics has revealed that human decision-making is far more complex. As humans, we have bounded rationality and we are influenced by emotional biases and social factors. Cognitive neuroscience on its part, has revealed that decision-making implicates both conscious and unconscious processes that include a whole neural network that now is accessible thanks to neuromarketing techniques.

Course leader

MOYA BURGOS Ingrit, University of La Rioja, Spain

Target group

Master students (and Bachelor students in their final year) as well as recent graduates and young professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge in specific areas

Course aim

This course is aimed to bring together perspectives and research methods from psychology, economics, cognitive neuroscience, and marketing to understand consumers' decision-making and choice behaviour. At the end of the course, the student will have the tools and resources to analyse any consumer’s choice process and make decisions on how to overcome behavioural barriers and create a positive impact for both consumers and brands.

Credits info

7 EC
Participants can receive the following certificates:

- Certificate of Attendance: awarded after the summer school to all participants who have completed the three-week programme.
- Transcript of Records (with credits and grades): awarded only to participants who complete all course requirements and pass the final examination.

Fee info

EUR 650: Find more information on our website.