Ljubljana, Slovenia

Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Transformation

online course
when 5 July 2021 - 23 July 2021
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 500

• assess and analyse digital entrepreneurship as a career choice;
• create, evaluate and exploit business opportunities in the digital space;
• evaluate the latest technology trends and how they impact high-tech start-ups;
• learn how entrepreneurial ventures use digital technology to design and offer new
products and services, acquire and retain customers, analyse customer data, and
provide satisfying user experiences online;
• develop a business idea into a comprehensive and highly scalable digital business
model for a high-tech start-up;
• learn about entrepreneurial funding at the start-up level;
• notice the importance of digital marketing for entrepreneurs;
• learn how data analysis drives entrepreneurial decision-making process;
• choose strategies for maintaining team relationships that facilitate flexibility,
collaboration and quick decision making;
• analyse start-up ecosystem and understand how start-up life looks like.

Course leader

Turuk Mladen, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Croatia

Target group

Bachelor students

Course aim

Subject Specific Intellectual and Research Skills
• understand the rise and development of the concept of digital entrepreneurship as well as the skills and resources required for digital entrepreneurship;
• understand opportunity recognition, development and evaluation of digital business ventures in a variety of contexts;
• converse with key stakeholders about issues relevant to the development of new digital ventures;
• analyse the process of innovation and industry disruption;
• explain why, when and how digital entrepreneurship and digital transformation develops;
• analyse and interpret different approaches to the creation of digital business models;
• be able to understand key alternative sources of funding for start-up entrepreneurs;
• understand new digital concepts such as lean start-up, disruptive innovation, innovator’s dilemma and Blue Ocean strategy;
• evaluate, analyse, understand and interpret the activities involved in digital business venturing;
• develop skills and insights for evaluating, articulating, refining, and pitching a new product or service, either as a start-up business or a new initiative within an existing firm;

Transferable and Generic Skills
• self-manage the development of learning and study skills, both individually and as part of a collaborative learning group;
• demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate issues critically, autonomously and creatively as well as to plan and, using appropriate methods, undertake advanced tasks within predetermined time frames;
• identify own personal attributes applicable to entrepreneurial situations in digital contexts;
• synthesise, analyse, interpret and evaluate information from a range of sources;
• efficiently work in a complex and dynamic environment comprised of multicultural interdisciplinary teams.

Credits info

6 EC
Certificate of Attendance: awarded at the end of the summer school to all students who complete the 3-week programme.
Transcript of records (with credits and grades): awarded only to students who complete all course obligations and pass the final examination.

Fee info

EUR 500: What is included?

- tuition for online synchronous lectures and access to all course materials/software/platforms;
- non-refundable registration/administrative fee,
- Certificate of Attendance and Transcript of records;
- professional administrative support before, during and after the programme;
- some organized activities during the programme to foster the intercultural experience.